Gingle Kids

A thousand miles journey begins with the first step. Gingle kids are dedicated to your children to fulfill all that you aspire for your kids. Our mission is to Discover, Unlock and Develop their Talents and Creativity. This is an opportunity for you to give a good start to your child. Your child will Sing and Dance, Recite rhymes, Solve puzzles, Play with toys and Have a whole lot of fun...

We all know that children are naturally creative and good learners. Their reception skills and learning ability, whether they are late bloomers or early bloomers, are at the peak right from the day one. The early formation phase in childhood is where the most crucial mental formation happens. It is very important, at this stage, to just support our children with the right environment. Having opportunities to be creative and to express their individual ideas is an important factor in any child’s development.

An environment which facilitates learning, arouses curiosity, instills confidence and appreciates them. This is what we exactly do in our Playschools. Children’s natural gifts are like the colours of a rainbow; no one can say where they begin or end, but they are there ready to be discovered and to shine.

School Hours
  •    Monday to Friday: 9.30A.M to 12.30P.M
Special Features
  •    Classes taken by well experienced and talented Teachers
  •    Individual care will be taken for every students
  •    Discussion with Parents and Students