This is a unique skill development programme, where we nurture the children’s brain to develop some of the foundation skills for learning such as Memory, Visualisation, Concentration, etc.,
Gingle kids
Play school
Gingle kids are dedicated to your children to fulfill all that you aspire for your kids. Our mission is to Discover, Unlock and Develop their Talents and Creativity.
Smart Handwritting
Write Smart is at crossroads, with many schools dropping it from their core curriculum, at the same time the various new Research is showing how handwriting trains the brain. It is a part of academics and it plays a vital role in exam, school books etc.

A Few Words About Our Harsha Kids Academy

Harsha Kids Academy is a pioneer of Creative & Competitive Academy. We educated students to think positively. We Discover, Unlock and Develop student's Talent & creativity. We sincerely believe a strong foundation is the only key that opens the door to a student's dreams of studying in leading institution. . Every year our outgoing students secure good marks in all Exams and Competitions.

Harsha Kids Academy is considered pioneer in the field of education and children empowerment, Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP) and many other human excellence programmes.We have well experienced and energetic faculty team. The team is well experienced in tutoring children in Abacus Mental Arithmetic Concept, Memory techniques and play school concept, etc.

More About Us

Our Harsha Kids Academy provides the following Courses


We had a decade of international experience in Kids education and training. This is a unique skill development programme.

Hindi Class

New Psychology Based Training Speak/Write Hindi within short time.

Gingle kids Play school

A thousand miles journey begins with the first step. Gingle kids are dedicated to your children to fulfill all that you aspire for your kids.

Yoga Class

Lucky are those kids, whose parents sow the healthy seeds of Yoga at a young age!

Hand Writting Lab

To enable oneself to present themselves legibly. A person's writing created with a writing utensil such as a pen or pencil.

Advanced Memory Course

This course offers advanced memory development for students preparing for higher studies and adults.

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