This is a unique skill development programme, where we nurture the children’s brain to develop some of the foundation skills for learning such as Memory, Visualisation, Concentration, Listening Skills, Learning Ability, Creativity, Self Confidence, Speed & Accuracy, etc.,

NLP is a science of understanding how we think. Increasing the awareness of your style of thinking can really help you increase your choices in achieving what you want in your life. For children, this awareness leads to voluntary change to improve their personality, to grow as a leader. We are conduct only 2 hours weekend classes.
The logical way of memorising formulae in the old abacus syllabus is replaced by easy playful rhyme-based advanced Brainobrain abacus syllabus, which pegs the formulae, in the child's mind, so easily.

Course Outcomes

  Enables your child to use both the left & right brain hemispheres, ensuring whole brain development & proper mental formation.

   Enables your child specialize in arithmetic, visual & numerical skills.

   Develops your child's concentration, memory, imagination, listening skills, learning ability, visualization, confidence, decision making, creativity, thinking skills, leadership qualities, communication skills, speed, accuracy etc.,

   Empowers your child to express using the right word, attain a powerful vocabulary, become a conversation savvy, confident in language & thereby a better personality.

   Motivates your child to pool his talents & perform at his best individually & as a team player. It nurtures values like trust, co-operation, morale, problem solving skills etc. The oneness as well as the diversity is cherished.

   Educates your child about role models & support them in modeling.

   Brings out your child's hidden potential like creative thinking, imagination etc., It enriches motor, language, cognitive skills ensuring his mental fitness

National Conference held at trade centre, Chennai

School Hours
  •    Monday to Friday: 5.30P.M to 7.30P.M
  •    Saturday: 4.00P.M to 6.00P.M and 6.00P.M to 8P.M
  •     Sunday:
  •   9.00A.M to 11.00A.M
  •    11.00A.M to 1.00P.M
  •    2.00P.M to 4.00P.M
Special Features
  •    Classes taken by well experienced and talented Teachers
  •    Individual care will be taken for every students
  •    Discussion with Parents and Students